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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 18, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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in south carolina police say they shot the man accused of killing nine people at a bible study last night they identify him as 21-year-old dylann roof he was captured about three hours away from the shooting scene and remains in custody at this hour. investigators say he sat in a prayer meeting at ame in charleston and then opened fire. they said he was there to shoot black people. several officials have spoken about the arrest in the past hour including an emotional president obama just minutes ago. >> acts like this one have no place in our country and no place in a civilized society. >> that is not something we ever thought we would have to deal with having said that we are a strong and faithful state we
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love our state and we love our country and most importantly we love each other. >> there is something particularly heart breaking about a death happening in a place in which we seek solace and we seek peace. >> six men and three women were killed including the church's pastor clementa pinckney he was a friend of the obamas and a state senator. the congregation is having a hard time coming to grips with what happened in south carolina. vernon odom is live in washington square with more on that. >> mother bethel ame church in washington square inspired the creation of ame and other churches across the south, they are in shock and disbelief, but first of all reverend pinckney had relatives in the philadelphia area and i spoke with one of them earlier today.
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i spoke with anthony stevenson, the cousin of reverend pinckney he just visited with him to weeks ago and is griefs and shocked today. >> i imagine that when this guy walked in he was the first person to probable address this guy and welcome him in this church if he was wandering around and he would be the first person to try to defuse the situation and i am confident he was at the frontline of trying to protect his parishioners. >> mother bethal church in washington square is putting telling a service tonight to commemorate the lives of those lost last night in the church in south carolina. that is at 7:30 tonight at
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mother bethel on sixth street. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. our coverage of the deadly church shooting continues on where we post any breaking developments and you can fine a collection of photos and reaction from the philadelphia area and social media turning now to accuweather and a gloomy day in store for the tri-state area, sky 6 hd is showing the cloud covers center city skyline and clouds is all we'll see but there is a brighter tomorrow. karen rogers is in for david murphy and has the forecast live outside. >> the sun will come out tomorrow and we are looking forward to that, we are stuck in the clouds the rain moved in eight hours ago and we have a constant misting and i want to show you satellite 6 along with action radar, the steady rain moved out and the low clouds and reduced visibility and showers to the west and still a lot going on with the weather and
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all of that held the temperatures way down 66 degrees in philadelphia and much of the area, down towards the south, dover 70 and we might spike from there they may get sunshine down to the southwest 2.5 miles visibility at philadelphia international airport, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing some storms just starting to develop in western and central pennsylvania and we are keeping a close eye on that today even though we are stuck in the clouds we have a chance to see a couple of thunderstorms move through the area, the best chance is west with of this we can look at this storm prediction center low probability in allentown and berks county and moving in closer to areas in delaware and wilmington and dover and parts of cumberland, new jersey gusts of up to 60 miles per hour and even hail can form with these
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storms. but most areas will not see them but if we do they will be strong, it will be areas that see sun. we'll talk more about this in the seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit a lot going on with the weather. all the details coming up matt. from our delaware newsroom state police arrested a man in connection with two recent robberies and an attempted robbery, police say that sean mcelvain was responsibility for thefts at two stores and the employees at the first robbery scene reported a suspicious person in the parking lot that led them to mcelvain and he had a ski mask and gun in his possession. the delaware state senate is voting on a bill that would make
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marijuana a civil crime, they would not face jail time, smoking pot in a car or public areas or within 10 feet of a public area would be a misdemeanor, governor jack markell says he would sign the bill if passed? the search is on for an attacker that slashed a woman while she was waiting for a train. this shows the man at an l station in philadelphia's frankford section he attacked her for no reason and chased her around the platform holding a yellow box cutter. >> i was doing this with the paper, he sliced me here and came on coming back saying i will slice your throat. >> the victim walked to frankford area hospital where she received stitches to a five inch slash to her wrist. a protest in atlantic city
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led to the arrest of dozens of casino workers -- >> local 54 staged the demonstration outside of the taj mahal casino the workers are losing their health care and pensions, billionaire investor carl icahn requested the cuts. >> we are sending the message stop messing with our lives and the lives of our families and children. >> he is looking to take $5000 away from me a year, including health care and severance and pension. >> they arrested seven when they refused to leave the street. they said that taj employees do not benefit from this type of conduct. they are getting rid of additional tolls coming into and out of new jersey drivers will no longer stop to pay tolls
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between bristol and burlington township they must have an easy pass to pay for them, or they are photograph their license plate and a bill will be sent in the mail. >> paying for patco rides got easier for passengers, they are accepting debit and credit card at vending machines for one way and round trip tic it ets, until yesterday the machine only accepted cash for paper tickets. they can buy nine at a time but will expire after three days. more ahead on "action news," including a horrible result for a canadian teen's search for his cell phone used an app to track it down and wound up dead. >> and one of the contenders for the u.s. open is not old enough to drive a car but is golfing with the best. we'll introduce you to one of
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the youngest golfers to play in this championship next.
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a suspected car thief led police on a dangerous high speed chase he drove the toyota recklessly on the road and even some grass it ended in a cul-de-sac. he soundered a half hour later. a teenager from canada lost his cell phone and used an app to track it down. when he found it he was killed. rebecca jarvis has more. >> after losing his phone in a cab, jeremy cook does with what millions of us do he used a tracking app to fine it and traced it to a parking lot and
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after a confrontation with three men he was shot and killed. >> he tried to hold on to the vehicle and the suspects left their car and cook's cell phone at the scene before fleeing on foot. last year alone 2.1 million americans have their cell phone stolen, remember the seattle family that used the tracking app to track down the culprit, the 911 operator pleading with them to pull over. >> i have been on the phone with someone like you that was killed and i don't want that to happen to you. >> while most of us will put in the work to find a stolen phone it's just not worth it. >> you lose something you lose the app to fine something but when you have reason to believe it's stolen, call the police remember your life and well being is a lot better than
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having a recover the phone. >> what can do you to protect yourself and all the physician on your phone? always password protect and back up on a home computer. rebecca jarvis, abc news new york. one of the biggest sellers of fitness gear is now trading on wall street. the cofounders of fit bit rang the opening bell at the new york stock exchange celebrating the company debut and the ticker symbol is fit. it's estimated to be worth $4 billion and gave the initial offering at $19 a share. and the u.s. has begun outside of seattle and one is set to make history. cole hammer is just is a15 years old. the third youngest player to
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ever qualify for the tournament. >> all the pros, you see them on tv and look up to them. it's really cool to be able to hit balls next to them. >> hammer played a practice round with his idol, jordan spath, one of the youngest ever to may in the u.s. open. >> a woman's face will appear on u.s. currency but who it is or who it will be is the question someone will replace alexander hamilton on the $10 bill and it will incorporate new an eye theft measures and tactile measures for the blind. and outside it looks like
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the clouds will break but i don't see the sun karen rogers is coming up next.
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you're watching channel 6 "action news" locking at cape may new jersey, if you look up all you'll see is clouds. karen rogers is in for david murphy. >> it's dreary we can take one day of it we don't have a choice. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region, we are not looking at area of heavy rain just misting out there just causing the problem there, making it feel damp and dreary, we want to see what is looks like right now gray skies up above and the big fountain and it's going off there the current numbers now 66 degrees and the clouds and the showers
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we have gotten keeping the showers way down, 70 in dover and what is the red, in virginia we are in the upper 80s and it's a big change there if we get breaks to the south we'll see the change there in the temperatures there. but what about the 24 hour temperature change 16 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. 15 degrees coolner allentown and millville and the coastline and satellite 6 along with action radar showing us the reason why we are stuck with the clouds heavy rain at 4:30 in the morning, that pushed off the coast and we have drizzle and a damp feeling left over and we can start to see showers and thunderstorms trying to pop up near western and central pennsylvania normally that happens when we see sunshine if we get the breaks here we'll see the temperatures rise a bit and the chance of thunderstorms coming up. future tracker 6 showing at 6:00 you are getting breaks in the
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clouds, maybe you see a shower or chance of a thunderstorm coming through and this is the midnight hour, continuing to show the chance of that and the best chance is north and west of the city, the reason we are watching it so closely is because the storm prediction center has us on the edge of the area that has a severe chance for weather. a low probability at that but for gusty winds and even hail. we are just on the edge of that, it looks like it will cut through lehigh berks and chester and burlington and salem counties but the bulk of the activity will be farther to the west where they got the sunshine 77 degrees at best, snipe or low 70s, things change tomorrow, a front moves through and high pressure building in and slightly less human maybe a couple of thunderstorms when the front comes through and other models say it comes through dry
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and then we turn our eyes to the tropical moisture from what was tropical storm bill and an area of low pressure that looks to affect us and give us downpours on sunday here is a look at your exclusive accuweather forecast, we are stuck with the clouds and feeling dreary out there and muggy too. if we get sunshine we'll hit e in spots but otherwise we are stuck in the low 70s at best, chance for a thunderstorm late in the day and that is something we are watching for, on friday maybe one or two spots see an early shower and partly sunny skies and we head up to 89 and saturday sunshine and clouds and 83 degrees and one or two spots see a shower but sunday is the day we see showers, this is the gary papa run and father's day and we get tropical moisture and 82 degrees be monday 90 and a chance for a thunderstorm and tuesday sun and clouds and 87 and tuesday getting nicer and 89 and tonight is the first ever
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accuweather team special, summer storms keeping you safe. we take you behind the scenes of our advanced technology and david murphy goes to the site where we have stom-and shows you how it works and everything we do to keep you safe. >> that is no the the north pole is it? >> no not that far. topping our people scene ac sources say that actor sean penn and charlize theron call tropical disturbance quits. we turn back the clock with the premier of the new series the astronaut wives club. >> if nasa wants only model men with model families that is what they get with the coopers.
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>> oh the show follows the wives of seven young astronauts they are transformed into media sensations overnight and end up being their only source of support as their husbands try to win the space race it airs at 8:00 and then stay tuned for "action news" at sec.
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this is the one. >> here is a recap of the breaking news story, police arevved the suspect wanted for a deadly shooting inside of a church. he was taken this morning and is accused of opening fire in a church in downtown charleston.
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president obama spoke about the tragedy saying he and the first lady knew the paster. we'll have more coming up on this beginning at 4:00. lets check the accuweather forecast with karen. >> we are looking at satellite and radar it's cool and drizzle. we are still stuck in the clouds we have breaks out to the west, look at these numbers, 66 degrees in philadelphia, don't go that far, washington 86 and richmond 89 a big difference where we see the sunshine, a sunny break or two, that helps our numbers break and we are stuck in cool temperatures the possibility of a strong thunderstorm by 4:00 69, 5:30, 69 and low 70s at best by 7:00 p.m., 74. >> thank you. >> once upon a nation celebrated
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ten years in style they do tours and did a special flag raising at the betsy ross you house and tamala edwards was on hand for the event. they are celebrating with a future story tellers contest. children between 7 and 12 can be a historic story teller for the day. here is a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, including another edition of down at the shore live from atlantic city. and a debate that is more complex with the shooting in charleston should they fly the confederate flag and a girl lost her scholarship because she did not want to go to her coach's church. that is coming up on "action news" at 4:00, don't forget to join us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.
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i'm matt o'donnell, have a great thursday everyone.
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